Why NASA Sent A 1.5$ Billion Probe To The Sun

Image: EPA

The Parker Solar Probe was launched by NASA on August 12, and it’s the first human-made device to be sent to the Sun.

Its mission is to gather data which will significantly boost our understanding of the sun and its corona, which will help scientists predict solar storms and flares that burst from it, periodically disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field and terrestrial communications.

Image: EPA

The probe will pass Venus in six weeks, before moving closer to the Sun, getting as close as 3.8 million miles to its surface after entering its atmosphere around another six weeks (In November) later, which means the probe will basically be “touching” the sun.

The Parker Probe will become the fastest ever human-made object, set to travel around the sun at about 692018 km/h (430,000 mph). It is supposed to orbit the sun 24 times, gathering and sending information back to Earth until it runs out of fuel around 10 – 20 years later.


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