VIVE Cosmos Is The Latest Portable VR Headset From HTC

It's comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use.


HTC announced during CES 2019 a brand new VR headset named VIVE Cosmos.

Although HTC didn’t go too much into details about Cosmos, they provided general specifications and basic information in their fairly short presentation.
they stated on twitter that the headset will:

  • Offer absolute comfort
  • Be easy to set up/User-friendly
  • Require no external sensors or tracking
Introducing VIVE Cosmos, a new premium PC VR system, and a vision of the virtual future. It conforms to your wants, your needs with surprising ease and versatility. Whether you’re new to VR or familiar, a fantastic voyage awaits. VIVE Cosmos goes beyond everything you could want in one device.

No release date or cost details have been revealed so far, but development kits will supposedly be released in early 2019 according to a press release. It’s been said that Cosmos may also expand to platforms other than PC (which is the main supported platform initially) in the future, such as mobile devices, but we don’t know anything for sure until HTC issue an official statement about possible future features for Cosmos.



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