Check Out “Thronos”: The Bizarre, Innovative, New Gaming Chair From Predator

Immerse Yourself In Your Own Gaming Cocoon


This year’s IFA event began on August 31st, and out of the countless devices that have been revealed, Predator’s new gaming throne, fittingly named “Thronos”, caught the attention of gaming aficionados.

Futuristic Design

The 224.5 KG metal-and-steel beast’s beautiful illumination and elegant design make it attractive and give it a futuristic vibe. Its overhead brace is able to support 3, 27-inch long monitors that can completely cover the front field of vision of the user. It also has a motorized recliner, capable of tilting back at up to a 140-degree angle, which adds to the immersive experience. Tilting the chair also causes a built-in motorized footrest to pop up automatically.


Game Of Thronos


Release Date And Price

Although no release date has been announced for Thronos yet, it is expected to be available for purchase in the coming months, by the end of this year. The price of the gaming chair is also yet to be revealed by Acer. (Once the release date and price are announced, they will be added to this post).


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