This Pencil From “Sprout World” Can Be Grown Into A Plant

No more pencils in the trash can


Have you ever went to throw away a pencil that you’d been using for so long, and that has become so short that you can barely hold it between three fingers, and it made you contemplate the huge amount of dying pencils that are being thrown away every day by people around the world? No? You should.


On average, one tree makes 170,000 pencils. Think about this: around 14-20 billion pencils are made yearly worldwide. That means 82,000 trees are cut every year to meet the annual demand of 14 billion pencils. So, every time you throw away a used pencil, you’re throwing away a part of a tree that was once alive. This is kind of sad if you think about it like that, but we can’t just boycott pencils to save the trees! Pencils are important in our daily lives, so how can we decrease the harm we cause to plantlife without stopping the production of pencils?

The answer is by using Sprout pencils.


Sprout Pencil
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This new, innovative pencil from Sprout World contains seeds in its stub, which makes it a plantable pencil. So now instead of throwing the pencil away when it becomes sharpened to the point where it has become unusable, you plant it in the soil, expose it to sunlight, water it regularly, and watch it sprout into herbs, flowers, or vegetables. That way, you are returning at least a fraction of the flora that was sacrificed to create the pencil for you.

The stub contains 14 different non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds and a biodegradable seed capsule. You can choose the seed type when you purchase the pencil pack from Amazon, which contains 5 pencils (There’s also a teacher’s edition pack that contains 32 pencils).

Obviously, you’re not planting a tree to replace the one that was cut down but, collectively, we’re making the environment a little greener by planting Sprout pencil stubs.

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