Special Glasses Give The Colorblind A New Perspective

Image : Templatemonster

Although not new, these EnChroma glasses which target people with color blindness have only lately been getting a real marketing push. The glasses are not considered a cure for color blindness, instead they are an optical assistive device.

Image : Google

Normally, the structure of the eye projects light and images onto the retina, where a dense matrix of approximately 6 million cone cells turn that image into neural signals transmitted to the visual cortex. Each cell has a specified color responding to light of specific frequencies. The three different types of cone cells correspond to the three primary colors of light: red, green and blue.

Image : Google

Color blindness is a condition in which the cone cells respond to light abnormally. People with color blindness can usually still see colors but have color confusions or see certain pairs of colors so similarly that they cannot tell them apart. We hope that this technology boosts the advancement towards a complete cure for color blindness.


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