SpaceX plans to Land a Rocket with a ‘Giant Party Balloon’


From launching a mannequin aboard an electric car into outer space, to selling branded flamethrowers, Elon Musk never ceases to amaze.

The latest of his ideas which is, in his own words, “gonna sound crazy”, is to bring a rocket upper stage back from orbital velocity using a giant party balloon and then land it on a bouncy house. The news was spread by Musk himself via his twitter account on April 15, catching everyone’s attention in the process.

SpaceX’s objective is to recover every stage of its rockets instead of just the first stage boosters, as is currently the case. Musk gave minimal details about the plan, he said in a tweet replying to a question that the balloon is “great for creating a giant object that retains its shape across all Mach regimes & drops ballistic coefficient by 2 orders of magnitude”.




Without much elaboration, it is still not completely clear if, how, and when SpaceX is going to actually pull this plan off. Regardless, these tweets sure got everyone on the edge of their seats.



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