This “Snore Circle” Eye Mask Guarantees Better Snore-Free Sleep


A company called VVFLY Electronics Co,.Ltd started a kickstarter project on December 5 2017. Their innovative product is said to be “The most effective solution to stop the snoring and make you sleep better”. The eye mask contains advanced recognition technology which specifically identifies snoring sounds, then responds by giving out vibrations at 36 levels for physical intervention.

The project has gathered 2,402 backers at the time of this post, gathering $167,014 on kickstarter, and $450,418 in total(on fund raising platforms other than kickstarter).



What’s attractive about Snore Circle, in addition to its innovative technology and compact design, is its affordable price. The eye mask costs around 150$, but you can get it for 80$ if you pre-order it.





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