Snapchat Launches Its Own Brand New Gaming Service

Play live with your friends while chatting

Image: The Verge

At its first-ever Partner Summit in Los Angeles, Snapchat announced that it will launch a brand new gaming service called Snap Games. The company will release a series of games exclusive to the new platform, including one called Bitmoji Party, which was supposedly inspired by the popular Nintendo game Mario Party, according to Engadget.

The upcoming games, which will begin to release next Thursday, will focus on the real-time aspect where players can chat live as they play, all without having to download any additional files for the games or extra applications. The list of revealed games for Snap Games so far includes Bitmoji Party, Alphabear Hustle, C.A.T.S., Snake Squad, Tiny Royale and Zombie Squad.

One possible drawback for this new platform is the fact that players will be forced to watch 6-second advertisements which can become annoying especially if the games get interrupted by these ads, but the latter remains unclear up to this point.


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