Hero Arm: An Affordable Bionic Arm That Grows With You

The first medically certified 3D printed bionic hand is also affordable


The most affordable bionic hand available right now is Hero Arm. Created by engineers at open bionics, this innovative multi-grip bionic arm works by picking up signals from the user’s muscles when they are flexed, and then translates these signals resulting in the movement of the hand.

In addition to being affordable, the hand is comfortable, breathable, and can perform a variety of practical movements that are useful for undergoing common daily tasks like opening doors, holding small objects with precision, lifting fairly heavy things, along with many other basic tasks.

Image: openbionics

The Design

When someone buys Hero Arm, the first thing that happens is that a prosthetist gets a model of the customer’s arm which could be physical or digital (from a 3D scan). Then the model is then fed into a software with special algorithms which produce the perfect Hero Arm for each individual.

One of the cool things about the design of Hero Arm is that it has adjustability built into the socket that is inserted into the user’s arm, and so it can cope with more growth than usual prosthetic arms. This means that it can grow, to a certain extent, as the user’s body grows.

Another nice feature is the fact that the customer can customize and color the arm digitally before it is printed into its final 3D state.

Image: openbionics


  • Lights, sounds, and vibrations – A full suite of tools that give you feedback on the status of your bionic hand.
  • Lightweight – The full prosthesis weighs less than 1kg.
  • Custom covers – Show your style; have different looks for different outfits.
  • Posable wrist – Objects at odd angles? Rotate your wrist through 180 degrees.
  • Posable thumb – Picking up tiny objects? This will help.
  • Affordable pricing – Hero Arm is the most affordable bionic hand available.
  • Ages 8 and up – For the first time, a multi-grip myoelectric is available for kids too!
  • Proportional control – Picking up an egg? Control the speed of fingers for delicate tasks.

You can get Hero Arm from openbionics’s website.


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