New Space Discovery May Help Scientists Unlock The Mystery Of Dark Matter

"We have found a way to 'see' dark matter"

Image: (NASA, ESA, and M. Montes/UNSW)

A new study done by astrophysicists from Australia and Spain may help get science closer to unlocking the nature of dark matter.

The 2 scientists figured out a new way to “see” dark matter, as said by astrophysicist Mireia Montes: “We have found that very faint light in galaxy clusters, the intracluster light, maps how dark matter is distributed.”

Intracluster light is the light caused by galactic interactions, the byproduct of which is the ejection of stars from their home galaxies. Therefore, rather than orbiting a galaxy’s core, these stars float through the universe alone. But it turns out that the stars take some dark matter with them.

Hence studying dark matter is made much easier through the study of these lonely stars instead of analyzing all the dark matter that’s clumped together in a galaxy’s core.



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