Leaked Tweet Reveals Possible Borderlands 3 Release Date, Exclusive to Epic Games Store?

Could it be just an April Fool's joke?


Yesterday, the official Borderlands Twitter account posted then deleted a tweet that revealed the game’s release date to be September 13, 2019, while also revealing a “Gold Weapon Skins Pack”.
The tweet, revealed by Twitter user Wario64, said: “Mayhem is Coming September 13. Pre-order now for the Gold Weapon Skins Pack!”.

A second Tweet by the same account showed a 6-second teaser for Borderlands 3 with the three logos of Gearbox, 2K, and Epic Games displayed on the bottom left corner. This has led to the speculation that the game will be coming to PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store instead of being released on Steam.

Keep in mind that those “accidental” tweets were posted on April 1st, so there’s a good chance that this will all turn out to be a mere troll. Gearbox has announced that the game’s release date will be announced tomorrow on Wednesday, April 3rd, so we won’t have to wait for long before knowing what this is all about.

Watch the Gearbox PAX East 2019 Stream where Borderlands 3 was revealed:


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