“IrisVision 3.0” Is The Latest Technology For Helping The Visually Impaired See Again

The next generation IrisVision is here

Photo by Eugene Capon | Pexels (Not actual image of IrisVision)

The latest technology in the field of vision restoration is the revolutionary solution IrisVision 3.0, which is an updated version of the original IrisVision headset released back in 2017.

The VR headset greatly assists visually impaired and the legally blind people, and enables them to undergo various day to day activities that would otherwise be undoable for them due to the weakness in their sight. It uses a Samsung VR headset combined with special software used on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

IrisVision 3.0 is comfortable and has the capability to adapt to its surroundings in a very efficient manner. It reacts to the amount of light present in the environment it’s in and adjusts its settings accordingly to give the user the optimal view of the world around them. Therefore, wearers of the headset can go outside with friends and family, watch movies, read books, and participate in various other activities all while having the headset on.

It also includes a photo gallery, which allows users to take pictures and save them to an album to be viewed later, as well as a video player that allows the user to stream online videos via WiFi, featuring voice-enabled search.

Users see a bubble appear that they can make bigger or smaller. Then within the bubble, a person can zoom in or zoom back out.
“The image looks like a giant widescreen TV right in front of the eyes, so it works for so many people with different eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetes-related eye diseases,” said Tom Perski, senior vice president of rehabilitation services at the Chicago Lighthouse.

The cost of IrisVison 3.0 is 2,500$, which can seem like a lot, but is actually a decent and quite competitive price compared to other, much more expensive, devices competing in the same field.




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