Google’s New Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) Can Quickly Detect Cancer


On April 16, Google Research tweeted a photo revealing their latest prototype which is an “Augmented Reality Microscope


This microscope utilizes the Augmented Reality technology to quickly highlight cancerous cells with the help of machine learning. Usually, detecting cancer using normal microscopes is a long and difficult process. But with this new technology, doctors can easily detect the cancerous cells as the ARM highlights them in a less time-consuming manner.


Image : Google

According to Google Research, ARM can be retrofitted into existing devices, meaning it could be a more affordable solution that you might first think. Moreover, the device can be used to detect diseases other than cancer, like malaria for example.

It was not announced when we will see this prototype in action as a device more available to the public. But it is surely a big step for medicine.


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