God Of War Is Finally Released, And It’s Been Met With A Lot Of Praise.



When it comes to making video game reboots, a high risk is usually involved and things could go really good, or really bad for the studio responsible for the reboot. There are numerous, and famous, examples of a really good game that had its great reputation hurt by an awful reboot that left it with scar that will remain with it forever.

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It is safe to assume that, due to the way some franchises were destroyed by bad reboots, the gaming community has grown afraid of the idea of reboots. And a fraction of that fear was clearly expressed by a lot of concerned gamers and experts in the field of video games, when Santa Monica Studios announced last year, during E3 2017, that the famous and beloved franchise God Of War, would be getting a new installation on PS4 consoles set to be released in 2018.

In This Case

As much as it was scary news to some, it was a major cause of excitement for most of the gaming community worldwide. A lot of debates were conducted across the internet on whether or not it’s a good idea to reboot a game that is so good and so respected and loved in the world of video games(Note that the team at Sony Santa Monica Studios are holding up Kratos’ debut on PS4 as a “new beginning” instead of a reboot). But as time passed, and as we got closer to the release of God Of War, it was getting clearer that this game will blow everyone away.

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And boy did it do just that! Today is April 20, and today God Of War was released for PS4 consoles. And today Cory Barlog, the director of God Of War, and the team at Santa Monica Studios are celebrating their massive success that was well earned after 5 years of hard work on a game that was expected to either massively wound the God Of War franchise by not being able to be as good as the past installations, or to outdo all the past installations which is, fortunately, the case.

A Big Score

God Of War was met with a lot of praise, and very positive reviews. It received a 10/10 score by IGN which labelled the game a Masterpiece. It got a meta score of 95 by metacritic, and these are only 2 examples out of many positive reviews that the game has earned.

Watch Cory Barlog (The director of God Of War) shed tears of joy while viewing the reviews of the game for the first time:

Did you get to play God Of War on PS4 yet? Leave your thoughts about the game in the comments section.


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