Epic Games’ Newly Launched Store Is Offering Free Games For A Limited Time

You Can Download Subnautica For Free Before December 27


During The Game Awards 2018, Epic Games surprised the gaming community by announcing their new Epic Games Store and quickly launching it. It’s being publicized as a soon-to-be worthy competitor to Valve’s dominant store: Steam.

One of the reasons for this acclaim is the fact that game developers who publish their games on Epic Store get to keep 88% of the revenue for their games, compared to the standard 70% on Steam.

Another interesting feature in the Epic Store is the 100% sale on certain games such as Subnautica (Free now on Epic Store until 27 December) and Super Meat Boy (Free on Epic Store starting 28 December till January 10). The store is giving a free game for free every two weeks as is written on the store’s home page: “Epic Games store and our partners team up to give you a free game every two weeks”.

Image: wccftech.com

This feature is set to last until late 2019, and we will be posting the free games as they are announced by Epic Games.


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