Battlefield 5’s Reveal Trailer Getting A Lot Of Hate Early On



If you scroll through the YouTube comments section of Battlefield V‘s reveal trailer (published on May 23), you will notice that the majority of the comments are full of disappointment and negativity.

And it’s not just YouTube; tweets under #notmybattlefield are growing on Twitter, and the same hashtag is flooding Reddit alongside other social networks and parts of the internet.


Battlefield has always been a war game famous for its realism and decent historical accuracy along with other things. With 2016’s Battlefield 1 living up to expectations and delivering an outstanding WW1 experience the way it should be, the bar was raised for the next installation in the franchise to impress the fans.

But instead of doing that with Battlefield V, DICE crushed every gamer’s(well not EVERY gamer) dream of getting a realistic and historically accurate WW2 game that perfectly depicts the violence and devastation that the greatest ever fought was infamous for. How did DICE do that you ask?


Historical Accuracy

Of course it’s too early to judge the game as the trailer is the only thing we’ve seen of it so far but, to be fair, the harsh feedback it’s getting is kind of deserved. Because DICE promised, before publishing the trailer, that the game will be “historically accurate” alongside other things.


And as is obvious in the trailer, this game is not even close to being “historically accurate”. From women with robotic arms occupying the frontlines and comical, Fortnite-esque, clothing, as well as the absence of proper military uniforms, to the comical and kind of playful interaction between soldiers in near death situations… It all screams historical inaccuracy.

And Now We Wait

As I said, it’s unfair and too early to label the game as bad before we experience any actual gameplay that is slower and more focused than that shown in the 2-3 minute long trailer. So until then, let’s hope for the better.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Share your opinion in the comments section.





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